About Us

SHEMAT PAINTING & RENOVATIONS is a construction company that majors in painting and has a wide spectrum of services that it offers in the construction industry. We have over the past few years positioned ourselves systematically in order to find unique ways of overcoming obstacles and challenges in the construction industry by carefully selecting the best qualified staff to meet the competing challenges in the construction sector. As a result, we have managed to maintain maximum client satisfaction.
We believe painting is not just changing of colour, as is construction is not simply raising walls as may be seen by many but it’s an art of different skills comprehending each other,

with the ultimate goal of coming up with a splendid workmanship that goes beyond the expectations of the client, hence the need to have a team of highly skilled, passionate and qualified team that does not compromise on quality but focuses on continuous development towards perfection. Our team works towards one purpose and goal of achieving just but a perfect product at the end of their project. Our expertise in the painting industry spans from smaller renovations to starting up new facilities. Our team of professionals offers a single source of solution to all our client’s needs, from renovations and maintenance to site preparations and new facilities, we have a highly experienced team and personnel to provide the highest quality work on schedule and within budget completing the work to the highest standard.

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